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Dear Ms Feng:

Can we meet as soon as possible to discuss complaints about the delivery of our carpets? I wonder if we can enlarge our warehouse facilities or send our goods by express rail.(35words)


Dear Mr ho;

Thank you for you letter of 23 November. We are delighted to know that your customers find our machines useful. The inclusion of business terms is an excellent idea, and we shall develop this idea. We shall also produce special cards which can be fitted the translators to provide more languages in the next model. However , the inclusion of a leather case would add considerably to the price of our machines and might not be necessary as the casing is very robust. Finally, we are taking steps to supply you immediately with 200 electronic and 300 language translators.

Yours sincerely

Wang Luen fung

General Manager (110words)

Because of shortage of space, employees have put heavy boxes near fire doors. There should be access to fire doors as workers must leave the building quickly if there is a fire. Fire doors should be unblocked and obstructions removed.(40words)


This year the company has made a profit of RMB67 million compared with RMB33million last year. This profit has result largely from a reduction of RMB27 million in expenditure, achieved because of two factors; first, the lower cost of raw materials and secondly more efficient methods of production. Moreover, although sales in the home market have fallen, international sales have more than compensated for this fall. It is thought that sales in the home market have been poor because of the difficult economic situation in our country. In view of this, it is recommended that the company tries to identify more markets abroad and increase its exports.(108worsds)


I have just heard that an important client is visiting Shanghai next week. He cannot re-arrange his visit, and it is important we meet for discussions. Could we postpone my visit to your office until the week commencing 5 September?(40 words)

Part two

Although Nikko tractors are average in price, the people in the survey considered our tractors cheaper. They also commented highly on the standard of servicing we provide. However, the quality and reliability of Nikon tractors were rated much higher than ours, and I recommend working on methods of making our tractors more robust and less prone to mechanical failure. Moreover, since Nikon tractors were considered more attractive in appearance, I suggest experimenting with new designs for our next model. Above all, people were impressed by the availability, particularly in some of the northern rural areas. (119 words)


To all graphics staff:

Sales have fallen recently because, although our packaging is functional, it is unattractive. I think we should develop new and appealing designs. Could you please attend a meeting in the boardroom at 10.00 am tomorrow to discuss this matter? (43 words)


Mr. Lui, Sales Production Personnel

I am sorry that I may be unable to meet at the times arranged on Tuesday and Wednesday, as I shall now be having urgent discussions with an important visitor from Singapore. Our discussions should last two days, but, if they can be squeezed into less time, I may be able to meet the Production Personnel as previously arranged. However, I shall try to let you know by 5.00 pm on Tuesday afternoon and, if necessary, arrange another time for our meeting. In any case, since I shall definitely be busy on Tuesday afternoon, I wonder if I might now see Mr. Luis at 9.00 am on Thursday.

(113 words)


TO: ALL Section Heads

There are eight vacancies on training courses being given in Mary and June. The courses provide useful training for junior staff in computers, time management and other aspects of modem office work.. could you kindly recommend suitable staff?(42words)


Dear Ms Wu

With reference to our company’s exhibition and presentations at the world Trade Center on June 7, I wish to inform you of certain changes which we hope can be made. As the number of participants has increased from 60 to 98, we wonder if we can use Lecture Hall’A’ as ‘B’ will be too small. In addition, since two speakers are now unable to attend, we shall require only 2 Seminar Rooms instead of the 4booked. Finally, is it possible to provide 7.45 pm? I do hope these changes will not inconvenience you.

Thank you very much.(116words)
It is obvious that ITC’s results this year continue to reflect a healthy trend. The company made steady progress in all its businesses in the Indian market, which we can see clearly from the table. The increasing rate of ITC’S net Profit has gone up to 32%, much higher than 20%, the average one. Comparatively speaking, the average cost this year (5.8)is lower than the one (6.4)last year, considering the Net Income and profit Before Tax. From the current development, we believe we will play an abiding role in India as one of India’s emerging multinational enterprises.

Dear Mr Beard,

Mr Lee, one of my old clients, has interest in our Pcx phone machine. He would like to bring 10 samples and some brochures back home to make a trial sale. You may contact him directly on Tel 3108881.

Nowadays, less people loke to spend their holidays at home. More people go camping outside or even travel abroad. The changes are caused mainly by three factors. First, people become more open. Instead of staying at home, they visit foreign countries to know the different races. Secondly, in the 1990s, housewives are more free from the heavy housework with more and more household utensils. Families are very happy to spend holidays outside with mothers or wives. Thirdly, traveling abroad can also mean enjoying comfortable weather in another country. Therefore less people go to crowded seaside, they turn to other ways.
Part One

To: Ms. Anne Folster

I have to delay my trip to Hawaii till July, as Mr. Flton Deland will arrive in London on 25th June and discuss the claim face to face. Please arrange our meeting on 26th June.

Part Two

After careful survey, we can see clearly from the chart that our cars have more models and colors than those of Quaker Company, our main competitor with higher quality. However, Quaker Company’s income increases more quickly. What is the reason? First, Quaker Company spends much more money in advertising. I suggest we advertise on BTV, the most popular broadcasting station nowadays,. Secondly, we should enlarge the scope of our after----sales service. We can open more service stations in many medium----sized cities. Thirdly, if we have more money, we can hire more salesmen to sell cars directly to the customers, especially, more salesman in medium-sized cities.

Dear Mr. Simon:

A customer complained that he had received 100 green colored bicycles instead of 50 green and 50 blue color bicycles, which had been shipped on 11th May. Could you please send me the invoice under contract No.TX12----1 in duplicate?


Both Betty Fashion Shop and ours are in city center, therefore, we have almost the same customers. But there exists a fact that customers are more likely to spend their money in Betty shop. After careful research, we notice that, although Betty shop has higher prices, they also have more fashionable clothes. Compared with Betty Shop, our real prices are not high, but the comparative prices to fashion are high. Therefore, if our shop decides to increase the profits, we should purchase highly fashionable clothes, at least as fashionable as Betty Shop, with the prices lower than Betty Shop’s. As customers hate increasing prices, it is better to do this gradually.


To: Emily

As no one in the office has been to Italy, it will be a good idea to visit it. We may stay in the Grand Palazzo Hotel and the telephone is 809.775.3333. Please contact them to get further information.


How to improve Quality Management System with limited capitals? That is the key to success. After careful study of IBI Inc, our main competitor, we find that they spend some money in Customer Service and Vender Inspections, which are vital to Quality Management. As we know softwares are developed quickly. Customers and venders know what they need. Therefore, we should develop programs based on information through IBI Inc.’s Plant’ Productivity is not high, they can sell out their new, high-quality softwares quickly as they have a very good Quality Control System. Therefore, we should adjust the capitals.

Dear Mr. Max Remington,

As our company is purchasing a set of equipment, a lot of materials have to be translated, which is impossible to do within four months. Could you advertise for two experienced translators in the newspapers? It is urgent.


Near the end of 1994, people suddenly become “rich”, buying a lot of things. We have received the report that the real hourly wages of workers become even less, so they do not have enough money to buy so many things. Although the employment is rising towards the end of 1994, the growth is very slow. Therefore, not many people find jobs to earn enough money to buy goods. Then where does the big consumer confidence come from? We have discovered that people overspend with various credit cards, buying goods. And they are not worried about returning the borrowed money. Thus it is our turn to be concerned about this kind of consumer confidence.


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